Biological Technology – Stay young & Healthy

We all know that we need to maintain the hardware so the software works well.

We all know that we need to install all the updates so the hardware and software are not exposed to harm.

We all invest on a regular basis to upgrade, so our equipment and functions are faster, more capable and resilient.

Do we know that our bodies and mind work quite the same? How much time do we spend on maintaining them? How much attention do we pay to notice immediately if something does not work properly so we take action? How much we spend to upgrade our state of mind and physical health?

Based on what I see around me, not too much. Why are computers and phones more important that our own biological “equipment”? It is probably because we didn’t make any effort to acquire ourselves, so we don’t feel pressured to take care of something that didn’t cost us a thing or maybe we don’t realize how important our “hardware” is in order for the “software” to work in optimal conditions?

As I see it, our body is the hardware and the mind is the software. It is a very simplified representation, but we need to make things simple to understand.

If the hardware doesn’t work the software is useless or running at minimal capacity. If the software doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how good the hardware is. And if both don’t work, why are we still living?

I had the wrong attitude till a few years ago, but I woke up in time to actually be able to do something about it.

It hits you hard when you realize that there’s less time left than the time passed, that the moment when you won’t be able to have the freedom of movement and the ownership of your choices may be closer than you think if you do not make everything in your power to bring your body to its best shape and keep your mind clear and sharp while you still can.

This is my recipe for better boomer health and life enjoyment for as long as possible physiologically:

  1. Eat less and clean, bring your body in an alkaline state
  2. Exercise as much as you can doing something you like; outdoors is best to oxygenate your cells
  3. Personal grooming and pampering
  4. Choose naturopathic remedies rather than traditional drugs
  5. Do not have a dull moment, do something with the time you have and not just watch TV
  6. Laugh, surround yourself with people you love and love you back
  7. Give up on so-called friendships that are not truthful, that you maintain as a  constraint or obligation rather than with joy and happiness
  8. Accept yourself as your best friend you can have
  9. Find time to be with yourself, appreciate what you have and enjoy the moments you’re living
  10. Appreciate nature, observe all that is around you
  11. Anchor yourself in reality
  12. Follow your passion if you have one; if not, just follow your heart wherever it takes you
  13. Travel, discover new places, new food, experiment all that’s around you
  14. DO NOT let others organize what you need to do, see or try
  15. Start something new, learn something, keep your mind sharp and engaged
  16. If you like what you do, work as long as you can, if not, stop as soon as you can and start doing something you actually enjoy
  17. Avoid, if you can, everything that makes you miserable or depressed
  18. Buy a really nice pair of shoes from time to time
  19. Help others with what you can when they actually need it, not when it’s convenient for you
  20. Donate things that you do not need anymore
  21. Do not inject your face with stuff that does not belong; better adopt a healthy regimen, use amazing oils such as Blue Orchid, invest in facial Light therapy and drink your greens…positive effects will follow soon
  22. Get rid of fat in a natural way, if you remove the fat using cosmetic procedures your skin may drop and sag and you’ll look at 60 like an 80 year old ….I’ve seen it on a friend, don’t do it, OK?
  23. Hold on to the mental age (not the biological one) if you feel young at heart; always remember age is just a number
  24. Attitude is very important, never say “I’m old, I can’t do this at this age, etc…” unless you really don’t want to do it and you are just using an excuse
  25. Remember, if you want you can; at least you have the responsibility to try, if you don’t you’ll never know if……..
  26. Be creative, find a way towards reaching your next destination regardless of obstacles
  27. Simplify your life, de-clutter
  28. Understand that health is your most valuable possession at this time
  29. Let your emotions be seen, do not pretend there’s nothing in there
  30. Open your heart; if what you need exists, it will be filled, if not, you can close it back at any time


Author: Jane Rusin

Boomer, traveler, fashion designer, artist, young at heart, can't follow the crowd, thriving to stand out

2 thoughts on “Biological Technology – Stay young & Healthy”

  1. Wow, this is a great list. I am doing 27 now. I read “The life changing magic of tidying up” and it got me going. I went a little crazy. Thanks for sharing. Are you planning a post for each number?


    1. This is a great idea Craig! Thanks for the suggestion / question…I think I am going to expand on each point as much as I can, together with some research, so that I also provide some useful information
      Thanks again for reading my post 🙂


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