Go to Crete if you can

Crete is a magical place.

DSCF2564The land is austere, but the people are luxurious when it comes to emotions, cuisine, hospitality, building places of worship everywhere, preserving their culture and sharing their lives with anyone that takes a moment to stop, admire and get immersed.


Olive trees find the only water there is, goats roam the hills and give the most amazing milk, the sun shines but doesn’t burn, the beach is not white but it’s magic, and the color of the sea is never the same, but always welcoming.

The cleanliness and simplicity of Cretan life will stay with you forever after you visited.


The music is so authentic and the passion of the musicians so powerful, you begin to feel Greek, or, better said, Cretan.

IMGP2174The struggle to learn the dances and keep with their rhythm can be overwhelming, so if you want to succeed, let it go, don’t over think, just feel the music and the steps will eventually come to you. It’s a feeling, not a learning curve.

Eat without thinking of calories, the food is so clean, it feels like fasting, not dining.

If you lived all your life in North America, when you eat Cretan oranges and yogurt you will ask yourself what is that stuff you were buying at your grocery store, back home, as it doesn’t taste anything like what you are eating in Crete, even though the label says is the same thing.

Things to do while in Crete, beside eating and relaxing on the beach:

  1. Rent an ATV, get a map and go discover and enjoy nature, monasteries, olive orchards, vineyards, welcoming B&B’s atop mountains, big and small churches where keys are left beside the door so anyone can enter to pray or just find a moment of peace.IMGP1484

2. Visit little towns like Mohos and walk the tiny streets, look at the houses, flowers and old women clad in black, sitting in groups of three and watching the go-by-ers….


3. Make sure you see a sunset, preferably swimming in the sea while the sun goes down, the feeling is incomparable


Just go there as soon as you can, your life would be better after that, I promise. The little town named Guves is a good place to start your relationship with Crete.






Author: Jane Rusin

Boomer, traveler, fashion designer, artist, young at heart, can't follow the crowd, thriving to stand out

One thought on “Go to Crete if you can”

  1. Splendid! Congratulations for your useful article – we have to visit Crete – your pictures are perfect ”speakers”…Thank you for the pleasure to read a such presentation!


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