Smart on-line shopping

How many times did we buy something on-line thinking we got a great deal only to find the same item somewhere else at a lower price or find out that the advertised discount was over-stated? I am  guilty of that, and probably so is every woman who shops on the web.

There are a few tricks I can share here, that I learned while shopping the virtual malls and boutiques:

  1. have a good idea of what is a fair price for the quality of the product
  2. do a Google search for the product, model, designer or make and check prices and details from other sites
  3. keep in mind currency conversion, shipping costs and duties, as they may greatly increase the cost at the end
  4. if you are buying from sites such as eBay or Amazon, ALWAYS check the seller feedback rating; if lower than 98% look elsewhere
  5. always remember that the original price can be inflated only to justify a sale price and make the listing look very profitable because of the discount offered – don’t believe them, do your homework

Let’s look at this example and draw the conclusions

shoe shopping comparison

A few questions must be answered here:

  1. Why is the original price advertised as 139.99 when the full price on the original web site is less than CAD $35?
  2. Why is the sale price  on the popular Canadian website higher than the full price on the original web site?
  3. How can synthetic shoes from a “nobody” label be advertised with such a high original price? CAD $140 is a regular price for Italian leather shoes, not these!
  4. Is the popular Canadian web site assuming we’re stupid?

Author: Jane Rusin

Boomer, traveler, fashion designer, artist, young at heart, can't follow the crowd, thriving to stand out

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