Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

This is light therapy! Best thing ever for aging skin and even for younger skin, to maintain collagen production, skin elasticity, and an overall youthful appearance.

The low level laser, also known as Cold Laser, has many advantages:

  • Highly effective
    • Virtually no side-effects
    • Non-invasive
    • Non-toxic
    • Easily applied
    • Cost effective
    • More affordable than surgery or other therapies
    • Triggers collagen formation
    • Immediate results, as skin looks rejuvenated

Maybe you won’t believe me (you would if you would see my face and know my age), but you should pay attention to what Mariel Haenn (www.instagram.com/marielwashere/) says and does

She is one brilliant celebrity stylist who, together with her business partner Rob Zangardi, is dressing JLo, Rihana, Lily Collins, Rachel McAdams, Ciara , Gwen Stefani and many other famous people, and I believe she knows all about the newest trends in cosmetic treatments that work.

As per her own post on Instagram, she is doing light therapy, so why shouldn’t you try it?

LLLT Mariel pic

Author: Jane Rusin

Boomer, traveler, fashion designer, artist, young at heart, can't follow the crowd, thriving to stand out

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