You’ve got style?

It takes nothing to join a crowd, it takes everything to stand alone.

How do you define your style? How do you respond to someone asking “what’s your style?”

What does style mean after all?

Style may be defined as the way you visually present yourself to others, how they perceive you and interpret your personality.

Here are a few points to consider when defining your style:

  • You do not necessarily follow the trends
  • Purse and watchYou own staple pieces that are versatile and of good quality
  • You never feel uncomfortable in your clothes
  • Your personality is not overwhelmed by what you wear
  • You dress to minimize or hide the little imperfections your “non-photo shopped” body may have
  • You are happy with the image you project
  • You feel confident in your clothes
  • You feel visible, people are noticing you
  • You never see other people wearing the same clothes as you do
  • The shoes look good and match the clothesnavy shoes
  • Pair running shoes ONLY with jeans or athletic wear
  • “I need comfort” is not an excuse to look like you didn’t make any effort
  • Simple and clean is not unfashionable
  • It is always better to be under-dressed than over-dressed
  • Be consistent and true to yourself when making fashion choices
  • What you like or it’s the latest trend doesn’t necessarily fit you; on the other hand, nobody will notice if it’s from a few seasons back if it fits perfectly
  • watch and braceletLearn basic rules to match patterns and colors in a way that does not clash with a pleasant visual experience
  • Don’t be afraid of originality or even setting trends
  • You don’t need to always dress in black or grey head to toe, a pop of color where it matters may increase your perceived style significantly Buttons
  • Your personality and visual projection are in sync
  • You are able to bring back to life a beloved piece of clothing just by changing buttons, adding a trim or just a statement brooch

Author: Jane Rusin

Boomer, traveler, fashion designer, artist, young at heart, can't follow the crowd, thriving to stand out

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