#1 – Eat less and clean, bring your body in an alkaline state

A few years ago it was almost prohibitive for average income earners to switch to organic foods; lately more and more stores offer organic food for similar prices as the rest, so it is mostly a matter of changing habits.

There are still foods, especially fruit, where buying organic is more expensive, but here is where quality vs. quantity matters. Eating less is not bad when you get older, your body won’t have to process a large quantity of food and spend too much energy for digestion. That being said, you do not have to buy only organic food, just buy organic where it really makes a difference. I researched a bit to find which organic foods we should buy and below are the results:

  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Nectarines
  • Peaches
  • Celery
  • Grapes
  • Cherries
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet bell peppers
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumbers

These are called “the dirty dozen” because they seem to absorb and retain pesticides and chemicals more than others.

If you cannot buy organic, your should NOT stop eating fruit and vegetable, they are essential to your health.

Another huge benefit of eating healthy is maintaining your body in an alkaline state, meaning that what you eat and drink is not increasing the acidity in you. The body can only survive at a certain PH blood level which MUST be maintained always in order for you to live and function. When we eat acidic foods, the body must do whatever it can to change the acidity to the slightly alkaline PH level required for survival, spending more energy, taking calcium from somewhere else inside us, work extra to change the harm into good . If we feed ourselves food that is alkaline we can save the energy, calcium and everything else spent just to keep us alive and use it where it matters most: to have the energy that supports an active lifestyle, to keep our bones strong, to feel good every moment of every day.

Another recommendation I can make is to drink alkaline water; there are machines you can buy that filter and change the alkalinity of your drinking water or, in some places, you can buy bottled alkaline water. I have been drinking alkaline water between meals for years and I can honestly state that it matters. If you want to read more about the science and benefits of the alkaline water, here is a good place to start:  http://www.astinternational.com/hydrationwaterresearch.html

Whatever you eat or drink, always remember that food is for our bodies what the gas octane level is to an expensive car motor; if you drive a BMW you always need to fill up with higher octane so your car works perfectly, why not be as careful what you put in your body, it is way more valuable than any expensive car!


Fashion, style and simplification

Fashion trend= the choice of the majority, what others tell you to wear in terms of colors, length, cut and print

Style = your stamp on what you wear, the clothes that fit you best, the colors that enhance your skin and eyes, the cut that improves the image you project, everything that says you, including the shoes and accessories (below is one of my “go to” combos that I love to pair with a beige sheath dress, black blazer and black handbag)…talking about Italian design…these shoes are something else!

IMG_1897  IMG_1903

Simplification = as Coco Chanel once said, accessorize then, before going out the door, take one accessory off….less is more when it comes to accessories

Simplifying is very hard, but it is worth the effort because the result is what it should be. Never choose 2 or more accessories that attract attention. Only one is enough…and add it to where you want people to look first.

Do not clash your patterns unless is a very conscious pairing, such as some of Gucci’s combinations.

Learn how to match colors to obtain the best effect and avoid visual clashing. Remember, many people see you but you only see yourself when you look in the mirror, so do not harm the many eyes looking at you.

And now my preferred subject, shoes. Shoes are categorized as accessory but they actually have a much more distinct role, they make or break an outfit.

Just think of a gorgeous dress and a sloppy, ugly pair of shoes…the whole look is compromised; now imagine a very simple dress that on its own would never stand out with a gorgeous pair of shoes…what you get is STYLE! You project an image, you say something to the world, you make a statement, you say I care how I look, I make an impression, I respect the people looking at me and I project an image I am proud of and truly represents me.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not mean wearing a pair of 5” Christian Louboutin heels, you can wear flats, the height is not the point, but the look and the quality are, and will always be. Also, don’t go to the other extreme, to wear running shoes with everything just for the sake of comfort.

If comfort is the only thing that you look for when choosing a pair of shoes, this page is not for you, unless your entire outfit screams I’m working out or I’m going to the gym.



Biological Technology – Stay young & Healthy

We all know that we need to maintain the hardware so the software works well.

We all know that we need to install all the updates so the hardware and software are not exposed to harm.

We all invest on a regular basis to upgrade, so our equipment and functions are faster, more capable and resilient.

Do we know that our bodies and mind work quite the same? How much time do we spend on maintaining them? How much attention do we pay to notice immediately if something does not work properly so we take action? How much we spend to upgrade our state of mind and physical health?

Based on what I see around me, not too much. Why are computers and phones more important that our own biological “equipment”? It is probably because we didn’t make any effort to acquire ourselves, so we don’t feel pressured to take care of something that didn’t cost us a thing or maybe we don’t realize how important our “hardware” is in order for the “software” to work in optimal conditions?

As I see it, our body is the hardware and the mind is the software. It is a very simplified representation, but we need to make things simple to understand.

If the hardware doesn’t work the software is useless or running at minimal capacity. If the software doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how good the hardware is. And if both don’t work, why are we still living?

I had the wrong attitude till a few years ago, but I woke up in time to actually be able to do something about it.

It hits you hard when you realize that there’s less time left than the time passed, that the moment when you won’t be able to have the freedom of movement and the ownership of your choices may be closer than you think if you do not make everything in your power to bring your body to its best shape and keep your mind clear and sharp while you still can.

This is my recipe for better boomer health and life enjoyment for as long as possible physiologically:

  1. Eat less and clean, bring your body in an alkaline state
  2. Exercise as much as you can doing something you like; outdoors is best to oxygenate your cells
  3. Personal grooming and pampering
  4. Choose naturopathic remedies rather than traditional drugs
  5. Do not have a dull moment, do something with the time you have and not just watch TV
  6. Laugh, surround yourself with people you love and love you back
  7. Give up on so-called friendships that are not truthful, that you maintain as a  constraint or obligation rather than with joy and happiness
  8. Accept yourself as your best friend you can have
  9. Find time to be with yourself, appreciate what you have and enjoy the moments you’re living
  10. Appreciate nature, observe all that is around you
  11. Anchor yourself in reality
  12. Follow your passion if you have one; if not, just follow your heart wherever it takes you
  13. Travel, discover new places, new food, experiment all that’s around you
  14. DO NOT let others organize what you need to do, see or try
  15. Start something new, learn something, keep your mind sharp and engaged
  16. If you like what you do, work as long as you can, if not, stop as soon as you can and start doing something you actually enjoy
  17. Avoid, if you can, everything that makes you miserable or depressed
  18. Buy a really nice pair of shoes from time to time
  19. Help others with what you can when they actually need it, not when it’s convenient for you
  20. Donate things that you do not need anymore
  21. Do not inject your face with stuff that does not belong; better adopt a healthy regimen, use amazing oils such as Blue Orchid, invest in facial Light therapy and drink your greens…positive effects will follow soon
  22. Get rid of fat in a natural way, if you remove the fat using cosmetic procedures your skin may drop and sag and you’ll look at 60 like an 80 year old ….I’ve seen it on a friend, don’t do it, OK?
  23. Hold on to the mental age (not the biological one) if you feel young at heart; always remember age is just a number
  24. Attitude is very important, never say “I’m old, I can’t do this at this age, etc…” unless you really don’t want to do it and you are just using an excuse
  25. Remember, if you want you can; at least you have the responsibility to try, if you don’t you’ll never know if……..
  26. Be creative, find a way towards reaching your next destination regardless of obstacles
  27. Simplify your life, de-clutter
  28. Understand that health is your most valuable possession at this time
  29. Let your emotions be seen, do not pretend there’s nothing in there
  30. Open your heart; if what you need exists, it will be filled, if not, you can close it back at any time


Go to Crete if you can

Crete is a magical place.

DSCF2564The land is austere, but the people are luxurious when it comes to emotions, cuisine, hospitality, building places of worship everywhere, preserving their culture and sharing their lives with anyone that takes a moment to stop, admire and get immersed.


Olive trees find the only water there is, goats roam the hills and give the most amazing milk, the sun shines but doesn’t burn, the beach is not white but it’s magic, and the color of the sea is never the same, but always welcoming.

The cleanliness and simplicity of Cretan life will stay with you forever after you visited.


The music is so authentic and the passion of the musicians so powerful, you begin to feel Greek, or, better said, Cretan.

IMGP2174The struggle to learn the dances and keep with their rhythm can be overwhelming, so if you want to succeed, let it go, don’t over think, just feel the music and the steps will eventually come to you. It’s a feeling, not a learning curve.

Eat without thinking of calories, the food is so clean, it feels like fasting, not dining.

If you lived all your life in North America, when you eat Cretan oranges and yogurt you will ask yourself what is that stuff you were buying at your grocery store, back home, as it doesn’t taste anything like what you are eating in Crete, even though the label says is the same thing.

Things to do while in Crete, beside eating and relaxing on the beach:

  1. Rent an ATV, get a map and go discover and enjoy nature, monasteries, olive orchards, vineyards, welcoming B&B’s atop mountains, big and small churches where keys are left beside the door so anyone can enter to pray or just find a moment of peace.IMGP1484

2. Visit little towns like Mohos and walk the tiny streets, look at the houses, flowers and old women clad in black, sitting in groups of three and watching the go-by-ers….


3. Make sure you see a sunset, preferably swimming in the sea while the sun goes down, the feeling is incomparable


Just go there as soon as you can, your life would be better after that, I promise. The little town named Guves is a good place to start your relationship with Crete.






Smart on-line shopping

How many times did we buy something on-line thinking we got a great deal only to find the same item somewhere else at a lower price or find out that the advertised discount was over-stated? I am  guilty of that, and probably so is every woman who shops on the web.

There are a few tricks I can share here, that I learned while shopping the virtual malls and boutiques:

  1. have a good idea of what is a fair price for the quality of the product
  2. do a Google search for the product, model, designer or make and check prices and details from other sites
  3. keep in mind currency conversion, shipping costs and duties, as they may greatly increase the cost at the end
  4. if you are buying from sites such as eBay or Amazon, ALWAYS check the seller feedback rating; if lower than 98% look elsewhere
  5. always remember that the original price can be inflated only to justify a sale price and make the listing look very profitable because of the discount offered – don’t believe them, do your homework

Let’s look at this example and draw the conclusions

shoe shopping comparison

A few questions must be answered here:

  1. Why is the original price advertised as 139.99 when the full price on the original web site is less than CAD $35?
  2. Why is the sale price  on the popular Canadian website higher than the full price on the original web site?
  3. How can synthetic shoes from a “nobody” label be advertised with such a high original price? CAD $140 is a regular price for Italian leather shoes, not these!
  4. Is the popular Canadian web site assuming we’re stupid?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

This is light therapy! Best thing ever for aging skin and even for younger skin, to maintain collagen production, skin elasticity, and an overall youthful appearance.

The low level laser, also known as Cold Laser, has many advantages:

  • Highly effective
    • Virtually no side-effects
    • Non-invasive
    • Non-toxic
    • Easily applied
    • Cost effective
    • More affordable than surgery or other therapies
    • Triggers collagen formation
    • Immediate results, as skin looks rejuvenated

Maybe you won’t believe me (you would if you would see my face and know my age), but you should pay attention to what Mariel Haenn (www.instagram.com/marielwashere/) says and does

She is one brilliant celebrity stylist who, together with her business partner Rob Zangardi, is dressing JLo, Rihana, Lily Collins, Rachel McAdams, Ciara , Gwen Stefani and many other famous people, and I believe she knows all about the newest trends in cosmetic treatments that work.

As per her own post on Instagram, she is doing light therapy, so why shouldn’t you try it?

LLLT Mariel pic

Going to your High School reunion?

Yes, No? What’s the verdict?

I attended my 10 year reunion then moved to Canada and, since then, never went back, for any reason, not just a High School reunion.

So it was with surprise even to myself that I fully embraced the idea of going back for the first time, after 22 years, for my 40 year High School reunion. Decision made, I started planning a vacation around the event, got carried away and in the end ended up with a road trip elaborate plan that will take us on the South coasts of Portugal and Spain prior to returning to the home we left behind decades ago.

What exactly made me decide that I should go this time? It takes some sort of courage to face people that you haven’t seen for 30 years, some may look better than you, some older, some may not be in such good health…but I am sure my decision is related to the fact that I feel young, I take good care of my body, I look younger than my almost senior definition age and I have the time to travel overseas.

Plus, with age, the memories of youth keep coming back more often, bringing with them some sort of pleasant emotional state, a kind of time-travel within your own life, going back to worry-free years to enjoy once again in the company of all who mattered back then. The more you age, and especially if you don’t have health problems, it seems that the gap between your mental and physical age gets bigger and bigger; why, I don’t know, but it looks like your healthy mind wants to keep young while your body slows down little by little; what will happen to my body in 10 years, I don’t know, but I certainly hope I will still be able to travel, paint, enjoy long walks, ride an ATV and go places in Crete, ski, skate, ride the bicycle, enjoy the change in seasons and clothes, knit, create, celebrate birthdays and enjoy my family and friends.

OK, let’s go back to the reunion subject: what to wear? I need 2 outfits, one for during the day, at the school, the other for the evening, at the party. I want to keep it simple, edgy, something that screams original design and quality. I am leaning towards a semi-sheen navy, straight pant suit with a cream silk camisole during the day and a simple, dupioni silk sheath dress with an avant-garde, statement necklace and, obviously, exquisite shoes (my weak point, shoes). That should do it.

I think I’m ready to face my “past”. Now let’s wait for September, when the reunion will take place.

Will share the impressions after I return.